About us

My mother kvilter


Rogachyova Helen Evgenyevna. Member of association of the union of artists, head of masterful scrappy equipment Moscow.
I began the creativity working for the known Russian designer, the master of patchwork equipment Helen Pelevina.
35 years Helen Rogachyova are engaged quilt (patchwork) develops this direction using new techniques. Its things participated in many exhibitions of of Moscow.

People of all countries and nationalities buy its masterpieces of art.
Recently Helen was fond of an iconography and the writing of pictures of oil.

For a long time people were carried away by scrappy sewing. The multi-colored things sewed by masters, pleased them. According to historical data patchwork sewing came to us from Scandinavia. Patchwork – Helen Rogachyova’s pictures are created on historical pictures Apollinariya Vasnetsova, Yury Semyonov, and also the French artist Paul Gauguin. Also there is a fantastic subject (patchwork “Sadko on a Seabed”). Icons are executed in style patchwork, the face and hands are written by oil on a canvas. Scrappy clothes now in fashion. The choice of models, selection of fabrics is carried out by a difficult way. Jackets sewed of the Ivanovo scarfs, now are in great demand. Old and ancient traditions help us to come nearer to a source of the Russian culture. patchwork pictures will decorate a nursery, diversify a cosiness of a country house, will fit into an interior of your apartment.

Rogachyov Andrey Nikkolayevich the assistant to the artist Elena Rogachyova to be engaged in selection of fabrics and color performs work on drawing up patterns and search of new decisions.